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Agriculture has been a mandatory of survival for human being centuries ago. Since thousands of ages, the emerging of human civilization was with the oncoming "Agricultural process" of which primary necessity comes from farming and gardening. At the moment, some people are still depending on physical abilities to produce our life resources; in which the quantity and the quality are not fulfilling due to minimum technology support. Time went by where as TECHNOLOGY along with human evolution in intelligence have created a 'Third hand' such Equipment, Tools, and even Machine to enlighten the process of Agriculture. Therefore, creating more and more production scale in a FASTER Cycle and BETTER result.


PT. Garuda Mulia Teknik (was PD. GARUDA), has been one of the pioneers in an Agriculture industry for more than 28 years of experience. Start from our root in Sprayer and Brush cutter, and pump, we move on step by step further to upgrade and extend our quality product range. Our existence is within three major locations, and networking dealers nationwide to ensure that we are here for you with highest commitment.


To provide the best equipment and machine for quantity and quality production of Agriculture effectively and efficiently in Indonesia, and to rejuvenate earth & mother nature in our effort to protect the global environment.


To be second to none in the Agriculture equipment & Machinery Industry.
To give more added value and welfare to the owner & the team who are in present to reach our goal and vision.
To help you by providing "the right equipment", with "Quality cost-efficient products, product variance, decent price, and multi-functional as well as innovative product to the point of more production in a faster cycle yet with better quality and efficiency."
To give an incentive to the Indonesian Agri-business climate specifically Farmers and UMKM (micro) in terms of competitiveness and growth, national or global.


-10 human resources core values-

1. Ownership and heads up initiative 

The feeling of owning the company together, because every company is the place that provide food and shelter for all of us, take and give. Be initiative to give an input to con-current condition internally and externally.

2. Commitment

High commitment everyday work effectively from monday to saturday until each task is finished.

3. Accurate

Fast or slow, the most important thing out of it is on time, thorough, and accurate result.

4. Integrity

High integrity such professionalism and honesty at work with dedication.

5. Discipline

Discipline (on time target), and loyal.

6. Problem solver

Being able to handle the pressure when in trouble and can give a solution when needed, be Independent with caution.

7. Team player

Work as a unit/a team, compact, and supportive.

8. Accountable

Not blaming each other on problems caused, instead, act as a gentleman, improve and fix the problem immediately.

9. Reliable

Be independent and dare to take a risk and responsibility when making a decision, if there's mistake try not to make a repetitive one, and never make an irrelevant excuses.

10. Goal-getter

Always remember company's mission and vision, and strive hard at best to achieve it. Be "Result-oriented".



SNI ISO 9001:2008

SNI 04-6292.2.41-2003